Want the interactive features of a JavaScript charting library but prefer working in PHP? The ZingChart team has a new development just for you: a PHP wrapper for making interactive charts. Customize your charts using PHP syntax, no JavaScript required.


Brief Intro to PHP Charts with ZingChart

As a teaser, here is an example of how simple it is to create an interactive chart with this PHP wrapper:

$zc = new ZC( "myChart" ); // defaults to area type  
$zc->setSeriesData( [ [9,50,6,1,14,12], [34,24,16,11,44,52]  ] );  

The code produces this:
php charts example made with wrapper

You can interact with this demo here: https://examples.zingchart.com/dashboards/php-wrapper/

For full documentation, click here, https://github.com/zingchart/ZingChart-PHP.

Now, Make Your Own PHP Charts

Want to Contribute or Have Requests about the PHP Wrapper?

To contribute to this project, fork the project from the repo and submit a pull request. We would love to see what you can come up with.

Have any suggestions or feature requests? You may either reply in the comments below, or shoot us an email at support@zingchart.com. We are also on StackOverflow, so feel free to post your questions there too.

We welcome your questions and comments.