US maps are a common way to show election data. That’s why we’ve created an election map maker well ahead of the presidential election. Here’s how the US election map maker works and how you can use it to have fun with your friends and colleagues.

US Map Maker for the Presidential Election

us maps as generated by the map maker
A couple weeks back we blogged about the new types of election maps emerging and the challenges related to visualizing this data. But in the end, we decided it was far more fun to make fictional matchups with improbable candidates.
try the fantasy election map maker

How to Use the Election Map Maker

Using the map maker is very easy, and any of the steps are optional. Here’s how it works.

1. Choose your Candidates

By default, the US election map maker randomly generates “fun” candidates from a database compiled by the ZingChart team. You can set the map maker to randomly generate more serious candidates if you prefer.
If you click the “randomize candidates” button, you’ll be presented with a new set of candidates using random election data. You can also generate fun matchups all versus Donald Trump by using the “Trump vs.” button.

The really cool part about the candidate selection section of the map maker is that you can add your own candidates, friends, or characters. You can upload images or gif’s, too.

2. Select Your States for Electoral Data

Once you have candidates, you’ll want to adjust the states so your desired candidate wins. To do this, you can simply click on the states as they cycle through voting “red,” “blue,” or “gray.” Gray states are undecided.
data for us maps
You can use the slider to skew the results toward red or blue. Or you can use the dropdown menu to use state by state election results from past presidential elections.

3. Set the Title

us map title
To edit the title, click the pencil icon and start typing. Then be sure and hit enter or return to save your title.

4. Save and Share

save and share US maps
Don’t forget to hit the save button to have ZingChart save your map. Once you save it, we will generate a unique link for you to share with your friends. We also include the embed code so you can use this US map in your blog.

We also hooked up several popular social platforms for you to share your hilarious US election map matchups on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

US Maps and Beyond

Questions about making your own non-election US maps with ZingChart? Ask away. We also offer many other maps and chart types that we’re happy to help you with for your next data visualization project.