April showers did not bring May flowers at ZingChart. They brought JavaScript charting library updates! Here’s what’s new in the latest version of ZingChart, version 2.3.3.

New JavaScript Charting Library Features

  • New pie chart style for Apple Watch.
    View Apple Watch-style demo

  • Added detached: true attribute. This allows designated pie slices to start in the detached position and still maintain expected functionality.
    View detached pie slice demo

  • Added additional API clicknode. When used with the existing label_click event, it will allow developers to fire the clicknode api via the existing label_click event.
    View api demo

  • Added ability to set visibility for preview window.

  • Implemented full zooming behavior for heatmaps.
    View heatmap chart zooming demo

  • Solution for z-index sorting with crosshairs and legend. Implemented new attribute to allow developers to set: top-layer: legend in the chart object.
    View z-index sorting demo

Updated Chart Features

  • Added hover-state object to error bars. This allows users to turn off hover visibility on the error bars, which is especially helpful on bar charts.
    View error bars hover state demo

  • Expanded error bars to work on inverted charts (hbar, vline, varea), in addition to bar, line, area, and scatter.

  • handle object on preview charts updated to style all four handles simultaneously. For individual styling, use handle-left, handle-right, handle-top, and handle-bottom objects.

  • Area and line charts only: hover-state is turned off by default. It turns on when the user creates a hover-state object. By default, alpha is now set to 1 and alpha-area is set to 0.25. Markers are styled separately in a hover-marker object.
    View alpha area hover state demo

  • Added %scale-value as default text in scale tooltip if nothing is specified.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with drawing scale when a plot was set to visible: false on chart load and then updated via API.

  • Fixed small visual inconsistency in the context menu button.

  • Fixed hover issue with bubble charts.

  • Fixed default line-width on range charts to be consistent with current theme.

  • Fixed thousands-separator in legend.

  • Fixed issue with zoom-to on scaleX and fixed issue with zoom-to-values on scaleY.

  • Fixed bug with shared legends.

  • Fixed issue with wrapped text.

  • alpha and alpha-area updates for line and area charts.

  • Fixed setdata on preview console error

  • Fixed issue with accuracy of crosshairs

  • Fixed hoverState and hoverMarker issue on range charts

  • Fixed hoverState issue with funnel charts

  • getplotvalues bug fixed

  • Reset preserved zoom status on feed reset

  • Fixed error with plot info object when chart starts with no data

  • Wordcloud supports other languages
    View wordcloud language demo

Documentation Updates

We’ve updated documentation for:

Try ZingChart 2.3.3 Today

The latest version of ZingChart is live and can be accessed via our CDN or download. Remember, existing customers can update their build by downloading this new build and updating your library files. If you use a version number, be sure to update it.