We're sharing an article about online data visualization by dataviz author Phil Simon. In his latest post, he discusses ideas to consider before starting to make an online dataviz.

online data visualization article

The article is a little different from others. It focuses on interactive dataviz and online data visualization, not just static charts. In particular, Simon shares considerations for different audiences, including:

  • Executives

  • Project Managers

  • Software Engineers

“Developing an intelligent dataviz certainly requires some forethought. One should not sit down to create a data visualization in isolation. Think about it. An architect would never draw elaborate blueprints and start building without consulting their clients. The lifestyle and needs of a relatively young family of four often contradict those of seventy-something retirees. By the same token, data-visualization experts and practitioners know that when building tools one size rarely fits all. Complicating matters further, there’s never been a greater variety of tools available for developers.”

Full Online Data Visualization Article

Please check out the entire article on Phil Simon's website. You may find some helpful ZingChart links in his persona overviews!