Curious about about the latest version of ZingChart? Version 2.3.2 contains some important updates customers requested, as well as some additions to the library. All in an effort to help you provide better JavaScript graphs in your apps and sites.

zingchart new build for javascript graphs
We actually released two minor updates in two days last week. So these updates cover changes made in 2.3.1 and 2.3.2. Note: when you come download the newest version you'll get 2.3.2.


The team dutifully spent time squashing various legend bugs. Some particularly noticeable ones include:

  • Pie legend
  • Zooming with legend
  • Legend cursor

In bullet charts, the markers (known as goals) were not resizing after legend action with animation. One of the updates in ZingChart 2.3.1 fixes updates goals to resize after using the legend in a graph.

We fixed the markers:[] array in scaleR. Now creating line and area markers works as expected across XY charts and scaleR charts like gauges.

There is now improved JavaScript graphs logic for adjustLayout in the legend. In version 2.3.2, adjustLayout should prevent overlap with the title and subtitle.

Additions to the Library

We’ve added zooming labels. These helpful labels appear when you are selecting an area on a chart to zoom. Now users can be more precise with their zooms.

Also: New short units have been added in 2.3.2. Now they support base-1024 multiples. This is helpful when you’re making JavaScript graphs with bytes of data or with binary prefixes.

And a big addition to the library is how we expanded rules. Now rules have been extended to work with “cursor” attribute in plot:{ } and series:[ ]

Additions to the Docs

You may have noticed we've been working especially hard this year to improve our documentation. That effort continues in the latest build. We've added new docs on how to customize ZingChart for your project and update the ZingChart branding.