2016 has been packed with activity for the ZingChart team. We would like to share some of the great charting and dataviz links we've found during our work putting out the best possible JavaScript charting library.

JavaScript Charting Library Comparisons

ZingChart has been listed on several new comparison sites. This is useful because these sites contain more pro's and con's than some past comparison pages. Check these out:

Our JavaScript Charting Library "In the Wild"

We're always looking for examples of ZingChart being used outside our office. Here's a great one from XTF:

javascript charting_library in action


You can also view the chart in action.

They created a stock chart using our line chart type to show total returns of different ETFs over a one month period. In addition to line charts, you can track financial data using our stock chart type.  Our recent interactive stock chart blog post explains how you can create candlestick charts, OHLC charts, and stock and volume charts. This particular example also takes advantage of some cool features: