ZingChart 2.2.2 is now available. We’re sharing all the keys to making the most of the new build of our JavaScript charting library.

The New Build of ZingChart

The new build of ZingChart contains a variety of updates to the library. They can be classified into the following categories:

  • Bug fixes
  • Library updates and improvements

Bug Fixes

The defaults object in the render function was being overwritten on certain API events such as resize and reload, causing some charts to not be displayed correctly. The defaults object is now functional again.

The no-data object is functional again.

The team also made a fix to how background images behave for animated and SVG charts.

Library Changes and Updates

We updated the context menu. Now by default, the logscale and full screen options are removed.

new context menu

Speaking of defaults, we reverted new theme hover-state functionality when overriding default styles. hover-state now has to be explicitly defined when overriding color.

In addition, scale-x has been removed on funnel charts by default.

If you use radar charts with the “area” aspect, you will be glad to know that node markers are now hidden by default on these radar charts.

radar chart with points radar chart without points


The view source screen also gotten an update. We reversed the ordering for the view source screen so that "Original JSON" now appears first by default before parsed JSON.

new view source order

For venn diagrams, the default placement and centering of the sets (circles) was improved. A bug with the shared value token was fixed, and both shared and joined value boxes were fixed for better compatibility with legend toggling.

venn before venn after

We also added the ability to align mixed charts when chart the types being used are bar (column) and line. Before, these charts could get a little confusing because of how data points lined up. Setting scale-x.offset=0 will align the markers for a better visual appearance.

mixed chart alignment1mixed chart alignment2

View the full changelog entry for more details.


Looking For Something Else?

We are always improving our JavaScript charting library. If there’s something you’d like to see changed or added, please let us know in the comments section below.