A few members of the ZingChart team brought JavaScript charts to the Bay Area last week. We presented interactive demos, a golden spork, and “Adventures in Dataviz” at the DataWeek and Integrate 2015 Conference in Santa Clara. Didn’t make it to the conference? Let us tell you all about it.

Can’t Get Enough JS Charts

We are always looking for ways to tell more people about our visualization library. And the DataWeek and Integrate conference is a great opportunity to do so. We also attended last year. However, this year we came armed with:

  • A bigger and better kitchen sink
  • Plenty of stylish interactive chart demos
  • Technical demos to show real time data and integrations
  • More charting library documentation
  • A golden spork
    spork for js chart selection spork connects with people

Now you might be wondering why we brought a spork. It has a lot to do with a recent blog post we published on our site and on LinkedIn about selecting a JS library, whether it is for charting or other purposes. So we made a fun spork trophy to act as a conversation piece. It also helped raise awareness about the considerations one should make when evaluating software.

1. Awesome Projects Always Need More Chart Power

Exhibiting at DataWeek provided us with a prime opportunity to meet all the attendees. But when we spoke with them about our JS charts product, we also got the chance to hear about all the interesting projects they are working on that need charts.

js chart demo js chart demo dataweek

These conversations let us show off our demos and illustrate how ZingChart can solve many charting quandaries. However, they also provided real insights into places where we can bulk up our library’s features and capabilities.

2. Adventures in Dataviz and Charting Continue

In addition to our exhibitor booth, ZingChart’s presence at the conference was marked by our Founder and CEO Thomas Powell’s presentation “Adventures in Dataviz.”

dataviz presentation thomas powell js charts presentation

This year, Thomas’s presentation featured some interesting words of wisdom surrounding the rendering and visualization of big data. Many insightful questions also ensued.

3. JS Charts Can Be Fun

Attending DataWeek so well-prepared required a lot of hard work for everyone on the ZingChart team, not just those who staffed the exhibit booth. You can see this from our demo reel we played at the show.

But there were a few parts of the conference that were just good fun. Thanks to everyone: the ZingChart team for all their contributions, the attendees for the amazing questions and insights, and our fellow exhibitors for some good times. For instance, when our Product Manager rode an adult-sized tricycle.


Want a personalized demo like the conference attendees got? Simply drop us a line and we will be happy set up a call.