A few weeks ago, the boss came in and surprised us with a little gift: a copy of I Love Charts The Book by Jason Oberholtzer and Cody Westphal. We follow their Twitter feed, so we were excited to see which charts made it from their Tumblr to print. Here’s what we found:

Charts in Print

We’ve reviewed several other dataviz-related titles over the years and I Love Charts The Book used some clever tricks that would not surprise their fans. For instance, the table of contents is a chart:

table of contents chart

Charts by the Numbers

Our coworker Chloe crunched the numbers on the chart types used in the book. After flipping through, we guessed Venn diagrams would be most popular. They have great potential for visual humor.

On a Serious Note

This book is intended to be humorous and is not a scientific tome. It is not recommended for those interested in best practices for data visualization. And a word of warning, it contains some adult language.

i love charts book cover

But if you use charts as much as we do everyday, you will appreciate some of the jokes within.

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