The latest edition of ZingChart is version 2.1.3. This release includes a number of helpful fixes plus some exciting updates to our JavaScript charting library.


ZingChart Releases a New Build

Our team is always at work making improvements to the JavaScript charting library. The newest build features some important bug fixes, as well as several cool new feature and updates.

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JavaScript Charting Library Updates

  • Gauge charts now support multiple scales
  • New token: %pie-total-value now available for values on pie charts. View demo
  • Tooltip additions: locktooltip and unlocktooltip API calls for locking a visible tooltip to open HTML options, such as cascading menus. View demo
  • Piano charts (heat maps) now allow for inactive nodes
  • Crosshairs now available on flipped axis (YX) charts, such as vertical line, vertical area, horizontal bar, horizontal scatter, and horizontal bubble
  • Watermark styling to better coordinate with custom charts
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*JS Chart Fixes  *

  • Refresh module improved upon chart resize
  • Tooltip placement adjustments
  • Multiple zoom and scroll bug solved
  • setLineDash issue on Canvas addressed

Want Details on These Charting Updates?

More information is available in our changelog. And our awesome San Diego based support team is always happy to chat.

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Whether you want to talk about what’s new or ask a question you’ve had for a while, simply click the word bubble at the bottom right of any page to speak with one of us. Or, leave a comment below and we will reply on this page.