2014 has been a busy year for the ZingChart team! This year, we’ve:

  • Added chart types and features to our dataviz library
  • Answered a lot of questions
  • Read a lot of books about data visualization
    In case you haven’t had as much reading time as our team has, we’re sharing some quick thoughts on the books we’ve reviewed this year. All the info in a fraction of the time.

To get you pumped for our supercut, here is a supercut of CSI Miami one liners:


Dataviz Masterpieces: The Best American Infographics 2014

This is a coffee table book for dataviz nerds. So of course, we loved it!

zingchart team member reading best american infographics 2014

The organization of the book made it fun to flip through, and pick up randomly. You don’t need to read this one cover to cover, but be sure to check out the following visualizations:

Intricate Dataviz: Design for Information

Chock full of charts that you could frame and hang on a wall.

example dataviz from design for information book

Isabel Meirelles’ Design for Information was a treat for us to read. We’re also happy she liked our review!

If you’re looking for a shared nomenclature to use in your organization, Meirelles sets out some very helpful definitions and differentiations of popular dataviz terms.

Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe

Reading this book for work is what makes being a ZingChart employee so great. Dataviz + comics = winning! What is especially cool is that the book inspired our team to get to work recreating one of the charts to be interactive.

zingchart recreates a comic chart to be interactive with javascript

Read our thoughts on the book and how we made the interactive chart.

Our Most Popular Review: The Visual Organization

The most popular book review we shared this year was for The Visual Organization, by Phil Simon. This book has some great tips for bringing dataviz to organizations, no matter how advanced or data-heavy they may be.

pencils representing a chart for a visual organization

Our review combined Simon’s wisdom with some of our own charts and favorite resources for creating simple, quality, data visualizations. And we were positively chuffed that he commented on our blog!

Win with Advanced Business Analytics: Creating Business Value from Your Data

For our review of this book, the acronym CONVINCE really stood out for us. We have been trying to keep the principles that comprise CONVINCE in mind in all of our projects since we read this book back in September.* *

visual honesty example from ZingChart blog post

Sharing the CONVINCE principles for better data visualizations in a slide deck made this one of our most popular SlideShares of the year too.

Bonus: Save the Pies for Dessert (Paper)

Despite the general consensus in the dataviz community that pie charts are evil, our blog posts about pie charts always generate interest. Case in point, our take on Stephen Few’s article “Save the Pies for Dessert.” It has some best practices and ZingChart options for when you absolutely, positively, must use 3D charts.

3d tool bar from zingchart

We also fired up the ZingChart bakery at Thanksgiving and made this fun pie chart about pies, if you’re feeling hungry :-)

Get Nerdy With Us

Which dataviz books have you read this year? Which are your favorites, even if they were not written in 2014? Share your list with us in the comments section below.