We are busier than ever here at ZingChart but we wanted to take a few minutes to share some cool new links about dataviz, JavaScript charts, and big data.

New list of top JS charting libraries

ZingChart is mentioned on a list of top Javascript chart and graph libraries at jqueryhouse.com. We really liked how they understood the advantages of library, including flexible design and styling, a long list of chart types, and of course, power. We <3 big data!

New ZingChart homepage with charting library features

If you've been going straight to the docs on our site, please take a moment to check out our new homepage design.

zingchart javascript charting library homepage

It really makes it easy to understand everything our JS chart library can do, and lays out the main benefits in way that is fun to explore.

Dataviz will make someone a billionaire next year

Here's one we're really excited about: Business Insider says charts and graphs will continue to ride the big data wave of popularity next year.

charts and graphs will make money

Big data and dataviz will be a $125 billion market!

WaPo uses unique chart type ZingChart offers

We're proud to be one of the few JavaScript charting libraries that offers the rankflow chart. This chart type featured prominently in a recent article about popular websites in the Washington Post.

rankflow chart on wapo


This type of chart ranks items across a series of categories. It is growing in popularity: we are seeing it used more and more often lately.