In celebration of Thanksgiving, ZingChart presents a pie chart about pie.

We polled folks around the office to see which type of pie they prefer to eat on Thanksgiving.

pie chart

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Pie Charts

Of course, we recommend using pie charts very carefully. But in this case, it was too fun not to try and make with ZingChart!

Making This Pie Chart

In order to create this chart, we used a few different features:

  • Background images for the pie slices
  • Custom font for the title
  • Border-radius for the rounded tooltips
  • Alpha to make the tooltips semi-transparent
  • Offset-y and sticky attributes to make the tooltips easier to use on mobile
  • Ref-angle in the plot object, to ensure the largest slice started at "12 o'clock"
    Is your favorite pie slice on this chart? Share your preference in the comments section below! And of course, best wishes on this holiday from everyone on the team.