And we're off to yet another bustling week here at ZingChart. Since our last roundup, we’ve come across some great links about dataviz, big data, and JavaScript charting libraries. Come take a look!

Fun Population Dataviz Tool

One interactive data visualization we saw recently was on The Equal Population Mapper is a fascinating tool that lets you compare the populations of different parts of country. For instance, how much area of the northwest would it take to equal the population of Los Angeles county?

This tool was created by Ben Blatt who appears to have a lot of cool dataviz and mapping projects in the works.

ZingChart Mention in Data Visualization Course

In Data Visualization Fundamentals on, Bill Shander of Beehive Media mentions ZingChart in the interactive module of the course.

screenshot of dataviz course that talks about ZingChart javascript charts

During the "Finding the Right Technology" movie, Shander brings up ZingChart as a choice for creating interactive data visualizations when using a charting library, rather than building elements from scratch.

Data Visualization Tools List

The folks at the Next Big What included ZingChart among their top data visualization tools. We appreciate that they recognized our JavaScript charting library offers many chart types and interactive features.

Kitchen Sink Charting Demos

If you haven't checked out the ZingChart kitchen sink, please do! This demo shows off a big chunk of what our JavaScript charting library can do.

If you have already viewed it, please consider revisiting: we have been making small updates since it was released last month.

kitchen sink demo screenshot

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