We are midway through another busy week here at ZingChart. After DataWeek are getting back to the work of adding features, making demos, and providing support. In the past couple weeks, we’ve came across some great links about dataviz, big data, and JavaScript charting libraries. Take a look!

Twitter dataviz office pic

ZingChart staffers have been sharing a tweet from the head of Twitter Dataviz about what his office looks like. We thought it would be fun to do a comparison and show you what a dataviz work space looks like at our San Diego office.

zingchart office

We need some more branded tchotchkes. Stickers, anyone?

List of big data sites

In our research on big data topics, the ZingChart team came across a list of big data sites. They vary between sites that contain big data sets and sites with articles and resources related to big data. Either way, this is a good one to have in your bookmarks.

Code Geekz best JavaScript charting libraries

The ZingChart team is happy to share that our JS charts made the list of best JavaScript charting libraries for developers from the folks at Code Geekz!

zingchart is on list of best javascript charting libraries for developers

Thank you to the Code Geekz team for including us. We think ZingChart is the top choice when you’re working with big data sets.

Premier League teams dataviz

Some of us in the office are soccer fans, so we really enjoyed this data visualization by the team at Five Thirty Eight.

Five Thirty Eight dataviz

The dataviz is about the new and regularly appearing teams in the English Premier League.

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