Didn’t make it to DataWeek 2014 in San Francisco this week? No worries. The ZingChart team is happy to share what we learned about data visualization concerns. PLUS, we will show you some special new JavaScript charting projects we debuted at the conference.

Top Questions About Our JavaScript Charting Library

ZIngChart dataviz booth at DataWeek 2014

We had some great questions, including:

  • Pieter asked, "Can you handle right-to-left language?" Yes, ZingChart can! It is one of a few of our localization options -- //www.zingchart.com/blog/2014/05/19/localize-online-charts/
  • Dean Han asked, "How simple is the syntax?" ZingChart has an easy-to-use, CSS-like JSON syntax.
    Most importantly, there were many more questions about ZingChart’s ability to handle large data sets. This is a big change from two years ago when we last attended DataWeek. It seems like more and more organizations are running into the issues associated with charting and rendering data sets with 50,000 points or more.

In our DataWeek presentation we had at the booth, we were able to demonstrate the strength of ZingChart’s library with big data. The most popular section of our presentation was a speed test comparing different JS chart libraries to ZingChart. Access the presentation and try it yourself! You can test how charts render with up to 400,000 data points in different charting libraries. You may find some of the libraries start to fall apart when you go over 50K. The key to this demo is that we are still including interactivity with large data sets.

ZingChart visualization of big data

The presentation also answers some other important questions about ZingChart’s place as a perfect fit for your JavaScript charting needs.

Key Points from Thomas Powell’s BIG Dataviz Workshop

ZingChart CEO Thomas Powell dataviz workshop at DataWeek 2014

Thomas’s workshop was well received by DataWeek attendees. They seemed to appreciate the depth of technical detail. Thomas talked about the challenges faced when he developed ZingChart. He explained some of the ongoing efforts the team is making to keep the library easy, yet flexible. And most importantly, he talked about the priority ZingChart places on being the best solution for big data sets.

ZingChart’s New Goodies

We are hoping to raise awareness about ZingChart and our ability to handle large data sets. The team really enjoyed everyone’s questions and meeting some great people.

ZingChart team at DataWeek 2014

But using the library and pleasing our existing users is important too. So we also showed off a new project called the ZingChart kitchen sink. Have you seen it?

ZingChart kitchen sink

The kitchen sink lays out most of the features and chart types you can use in our JS chart library. It is helpful for new and existing users alike. It has been getting a lot of traffic since we released it last week, so check it out! We think you will like it, too.

Keep Asking JS Chart Questions

Did you attend DataWeek but missed your chance to ask us some questions? Please ask them here in the comments section below. Feel free to ask questions here even if you were not at the event. And if you want to ask a more private question, go ahead and reach out to support@zingchart.com