Sometimes, the toughest part of learning a new library is getting a handle on its capabilities: what it can even do. So the ZingChart team is bringing you a new, useful tool for making the most of our JavaScript charting library: the kitchen sink. screen shot of the Kitchen Sink project made with ZingChart JavaScript charting library

_We have heard a customer or two say, _

**_“This library is awesome!

I just didn’t realize it could do all these things.”**

We listened, and created the kitchen sink._

It may load a bit slow, but that’s how kitchen sink projects work. They put everything but the kitchen sink right in front of you. And that’s exactly what we’d like to show off about ZingChart: it offers tons of features, more than other libraries. Now, those features are visually presented in an overview that is easy to scan.

ZingChart Available Chart Types

chart types available in ZingChart javascript charting library
If you are deciding on the best chart type for your data, it helps to know the possible chart types at your disposal. Seeing actual charts with interactivity really helps here, rather than a text list of chart types.

JavaScript Charting Library Features

features available in ZingChart javascript charting library
People call things by different names. However, choosing and using a library is much easier if you can see many of the features. Lists that compare libraries show text lists that may be biased or not up to date. The kitchen sink helps by letting you see what the feature being described looks and feels like. It is a useful tool for testing out how features might look if implemented in your own data visualization projects.

Get Hands-on With Chart Options and Features

interact with ZingChart javascript charting library features and charts
Are you visual or tactile learner? Then the kitchen sink is right up your alley. It gives you the opportunity to get in and play with library features right away, without setting up your own charts and coming up with a data set.

Themes Save Time and Ensure Branding

kitchen sink demonstrates the Themes option within ZingChart
The kitchen sink is also an effective demonstration of how themes work across chart types. Themes are custom styling and color palettes that designers can develop for implementation across a variety of charts in a ZingChart installation.

Anything Else?

So tell us, what do you think we should add to the ZingChart kitchen sink? If your favorite chart type, feature, or trick is not listed, please let us know in the comments below.