We're excited to announce that our ZingChart CEO, Thomas Powell, will be speaking at DataWeek 2014 Conference in San Francisco, California on September 16, 2014.

"Adventures in Big Viz" will begin at 3:15pm on Stage 4.

Open source or closed? Homemade or store bought? It’s no matter which solution you prefer. Learn from our experience to make your data visualizations better, faster, cooler looking and more useful.

Our experience has roots in the the sad state of browser-based visualization tools we were forced to use about five years ago. When other libraries couldn’t cut it, we built our own. Since then, the ZingChart team has continued to evolve its offering. We have made visualizations in everything from Flash, VML, HTML5/Canvas, SVG, WebGL, images, and anything else you might try to bend into a line or pie chart and learned many lessons along the way.

This talk will reveal:
* Hard trade-offs with which we contended
* Challenges we met and failed on
* Efforts we continue to make in an ongoing pursuit of creating an easy, yet flexible solution for big and little data sets.

After this talk-- regardless of the tool or library you may use-- you'll come away with some useful stories to help guide you towards the better use of technology to build visualizations.

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ZingChart CEO Thomas Powell

Thomas A. Powell has been an Internet professional since before the Web was even a thing. He has founded a number of successful Web companies over the years including ZingChart, a client side visualization library used by numerous firms, from start-ups to the Fortune 50. Outside of his business endeavors, he is the author of variety of books on client-side Web technology including JavaScript: The Complete Reference, as well an instructor at the University of California, San Diego Computer Science department.

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