Did you see all the dataviz that came out for last week’s State of the Union Address? Twitter, Bing, and others made some pretty cool projects. What's cooler is that you can use these inspirations to fuel your graphs in ZingChart.

Timelines and Area Charts

Dig Twitter’s timeline of the speech visualizing the different issues?
Twitter State of the Union Infographic

You can use hover tools in ZingChart to draw your users attention toward specific spans on a timeline.

 This can be accomplished by including "crosshair-x" in the graphset, in this case with a width of 25 pixels.

Images and Styling in Charts

Perhaps Bing’s charts with bold colors and icons caught your eye.

Bing State of the Union Infographic

Adding images to use as icons is a snap in ZingChart.  We used images to make the clock icons in our chart above. We created images that were the proper size for our chart, and uploaded them to an image hosting site. Then we used that link as the source in an images container within our JSON. You can read more about including images in a ZingChart in our documentation.

We selected our own color scheme for the chart and echoed the color in the clock images with the crosshair. This is a bit different than other features, as it is specified with "line-color," not "background-color."