Documentation or “docs” are key for learning and using software efficiently. At ZingChart, we have several goals to achieve with our documentation:

  • Improve the usability of our Javascript charting library

  • Make users aware of new features and capabilities

  • Smooth the onboarding process for new users

  • Organize key knowledge about library features

  • Get you up and charting as quickly as possible

While all the docs are available for review, we’d like to take a moment to explain some key areas you may find helpful during your quality time with ZingChart.

Areas of Documentation


If you’ve ever wondered what a certain JSON attribute does, then you know demos are the most convenient and visual way to find your answer. Keep an eye out for plenty of these buttons in the docs:

ZingChart’s documentation contains demos to illustrate almost every attribute. Each demo contains a chart and the JSON used to make it, with key attribute information highlighted. This makes choosing the right attribute and value for a given object much easier.

Features Articles

With 16 articles (and growing), this section provides detailed information on different ZingChart topics. Each article begins with an overview. Then we go back to basics, explaining simply how to include the feature in your charts. Building on the basics, we then cover different ways to incorporate the feature in your visualizations. We use examples, images, JSON snippets, and more to help you make the most of our features.


Whether you are setting up your very first ZingChart or ready to apply your own styles, tutorials are a great guide to help you along the way. Our tutorials use conversational language, code snippets, images, and live demos to explain key steps for using ZingChart.

Complete these bad boys and you will be on your way to ZingChart awesomeness.

Chart Types

Our section on chart types shows you all the options within ZingChart and the individual variations for each type of chart we offer.

These lists take you directly to pages with information on how to include a particular chart or graph type in your visualization, as well as details on how each chart type handles data, as many have unique behaviors. And if you’re looking for ideas, these pages are also a good place to see some examples of different chart types.

JSON Syntax and Attribute Info

Besides the demos in the JSON syntax section, there are also individual JSON attribute details. They typically include a simple description, the types of values accepted for an attribute, and information about the conditions under which an attribute works.

A Better ZingChart

It is our hope that the organization and presentation of ZingChart’s documentation adds to the usability of our charting library, both for new and experienced users. And the docs are just one part of how ZingChart can get up and running with dataviz quickly and easily.

Ongoing Improvements

We are also constantly adding features to our JavaScript charting library, as well as to the documentation. If you check out the docs and don’t see the topic you need right now, you can always tweet a question at us or contact support.